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Veszprog Ltd. offers a powerful service pack helping AV distributors and resellers in their work. This service is based on a high quality virus laboratory and human resources.


In the framework of our research in the last some years a new, powerful system has been developed which can provide multilanguage malware descriptions including multimedia elements as well. Descriptions are defined as a set of properties and they are language independent. During the presentment of a description the language independent set of properties are converted to language dependent text. For this purpose language specific sentences and phrases are attached to properties. Providing detailed descriptions, a big number of properties have to be defined. On the other hand, once properties have been created on a language then this property is automatically generated in descriptions using the same property. In our research we defined a very big number of properties generally used in malware that are related to naming, virus replication, worm replication, vulnerabilities, backdoor functions, payload functions and much more. In addition, descriptions usually include multimedia elements: screenshots, video and audio contents. These features help users in the perfect and precise identification of malware. Thus users are enabled not only to gain information concerning malware but also to identify them.

In addition, descriptions are made by using semiautomatic methods. To use them minimal human work is needed only. Automatic procedures use a wide range of sandbox systems and they can control registry and file changes, they can maintain the network traffic, they can provide, for example, screenshots of malware.


In addition Veszprog Ltd. also provides its sandbox infrastructure. Using this system malware code can be dropped into a configurable sandbox system or systems (virtual and/or native environment). After the execution of the malware code the system can provide file changes, registry changes, displayed windows, network traffic and much more.

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